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Backstabbed: A Comedy of Betrayal

Backstabbed: A Comedy of Betrayal

Hans had been best friends with his neighbor, Steve, since they were kids. They had done everything together, from playing tag in the backyard to starting their own business selling homemade soap made from Steve’s own earwax (which surprisingly had a niche market).

But then Steve started to act strange. He stopped returning Hans’ calls, and when they did talk, he was evasive and distant. Hans had no idea why, but he was determined to find out.

One day, Hans decided to follow Steve to see what he was up to. What he discovered was shocking: Steve was meeting with a girl, and it was clear that the two of them were more than just friends. But it wasn’t just any girl – it was a giant inflatable unicorn!

Hans couldn’t believe it. His best friend was in love with an inanimate object. He was heartbroken and confused, but he knew he had to confront Steve about it.

When he confronted Steve, he was met with an unexpected reaction. Steve tried to introduce him to the unicorn as if it were a real person, insisting that it was his “soulmate”. Hans was speechless and unsure of how to react to this bizarre situation.

In the end, Hans decided to take the high road. He wrote Steve a letter, telling him that he was hurt and disappointed, but that he still considered him a friend and wanted to work things out. He also jokingly suggested that they should start a business selling inflatable unicorn-themed products.

When Steve received the letter, he was overcome with guilt. He knew he had been wrong to do what he did, and he apologized to Hans. The two of them talked it out and eventually reconciled, but the friendship was never quite the same again – Hans still couldn’t wrap his head around the whole unicorn thing.

Hans had been betrayed, but he had learned an important lesson: true friendship is more important than anything else, even if your friend is in love with an inflatable unicorn.