The stories on this site is generated by AI, but touched up by a human (and possibly other tools that may or may not be AI). The human in question is Marie of themkat.net (who is also the writer of this about-page).

The generation works as follows:

  • An automated algorithm have a set of keywords, sentences etc. These are combined into queries for OpenAIs APIs. These are set to be done periodically, automatically.
  • The program sends in the stories for review
  • The human mentioned above, Marie, does a review of the stories. This review may consist of her doing declining the new story, rewriting it, using other AI tools like ChatGPT on it and/or other touch ups. AI works usually needs touchups to be engaging.

The algorithm that generates the stories will probably also change as time goes by. New keywords are added to its “database”, new tweaks are done to the queries sent to OpenAIs APIs, new APIs used instead etc. This is to continually try to improve the quality. The main goal of the stories is that they should inspire, and most importantly be fun to read for all of you :)

ai generated image